Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Have your wallet and cash, just need Bitcoin? One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that you can do business in most exchanges around the world. Keep in mind that most of the popular exchanges require copies of your ID/Password to create an account. Something to keep in mind if you are privacy focused. There […]

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?

Getting started with Bitcoin. Been thinking about opening a Bitcoin wallet to start investing or receiving payments/donations? There is a lot of noise to filter out when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Here is a quick guide to get you started with Bitcoin. Wallet Choice; {Hardware} Hardware wallets are primarily used for […]

How to make Google Chrome browser more secure?

Guide for basic security changes for Google Chrome browser. PURPOSE To define a set of baseline settings that allow Google Chrome (Chrome) browser to be hardened to a known level of security. COMPUTER CONFIGURATION; Disable ‘Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’. Enable “Block third-party cookies”. Disable running plugins that are outdated. Enable […]

How to secure your home Wi-Fi?

Basic guide to home Wi-Fi security The following items are considered the minimum settings required to achieve an acceptable level of security. All AP’s will provide a method of point to point encryption between the AP and the end user device such as PC or handheld device. The following table summarises the available types of […]

What is Metadata?

And why does it matter? Metadata is often described as everything except the content of your communications. You can think of metadata as the digital equivalent of an envelope. Just like an envelope contains information about the sender, receiver, and destination of a message, so does metadata. Metadata is information about the digital communications you send and receive. […]

Bash Command Line Guide

Installing Software; { from a repository } apt install <name of software> apt-get install <name of software> sudo apt install <name of software> sudo apt install <name of software> { from source } mkdir /home/user/software cd there and download the .tar.gz unzip <file> or gzip -ztf <filename.tar.gz> cd into new directory more INSTALL or if […]

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How to make yourself a hard target online

This is a short and sharp guide to better protect your digital life. 2-Factor & Multi-Factor Authentication: Not every service offers this but if they do – enable it. SMS – Not bullet proof but better then nothing. Authy – Simple to set up, secure cloud backup, multi device support. YubiKey – The YubiKey reinvented hardware authentication […]

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Online Threats

Quick guide to internet threats