{Nmap usage} how to scan networks & web applications

a self serving guide to nmap examples. / what is Nmap? Nmap is used to identify and scan systems on the network.  It is used as part of network diagnostics where it can map out the internal network by identifying live hosts and performing port scanning, service enumeration, and operating system detection. use cases: network […]

{how to plan} a guide to planning

“plans are worthless, but planning is everything” Dwight Eisenhower You have an idea, a goal so wicked it will make you a superstar overnight and you’ll have all the moneys! Or….your mate asked you to organise next weeks beer appreciation night. Either way in order to execute there has to be some planning involved, small […]

Get a server to host a website

How to host a website? Got your domain name sorted! Got your website idea! Watched 10 hours of WordPress tutorials on YouTube! You’re all good to go right? Nope! You need a server to host the website you nut! When it comes to getting a website server you can; Pay someone for hosting like here […]

How to deal with an online stalker?

Steps you can take to if you’re being harassed online; Online pests are fucked. Let’s not muck around here. There is nothing worst then feeling like your whole world is collapsing around you just because some peanut has nothing better to do then find enjoyment from harassing people online. Good news is – most of […]

How to get your own Domain Name?

Time to plant your flag on the internet. What is a domain name? A domain name is the unique address for a website. Visitors use it to access your website on the internet. If you still don’t get it…I have no idea how you made it to this page. Look at the address bar on your browser, digitalprojects.io […]

Top 4 ways to hack a Wi-Fi network

Learning about ways to pen-test Wi-Fi There is no one tool to rule them all when it comes to cracking a Wi-Fi network. It all depends on what the circumstance is at that current time, so choosing the right strategy is more likely to lead to success. This is some of the most effective strategies […]

Passwords.txt – Top Million Passwords

Create a large password list for brute force attacks; Feel free to download and use the two password lists below; password.txt > 999,998 most used passwords in Breach data. root.txt > 4,724 common root passwords. I recommend using [ ctrl + f ] and search for passwords you use. If they are in this list…change […]

How to make your Android mobile more secure?

Simple steps for baseline device security. Device Management and Access Control; Enable passcode and biometric authentication Ensure Pattern and Swipe only lock is Disabled Enforce a minimum of 6 characters for the device authentication passcode Disallow rooted Android mobile devices Ensure ‘Ask for unlock pattern/PIN/password before unpinning’ is set to ‘Enabled’ Ensure ‘Show passwords’ is […]

How to set up a Monero Wallet?

Getting started with Monero > XMR What are the benefits? Monero (XMR) is more private the other currencies such as Bitcoin and has very low transaction fees. It is also more widely used the some of the other privacy focused currencies which makes it a perfect choice to use for donation and trading etc. The […]

Buy Bitcoin anonymously

Safely get your hands on cryptocurrency without joining an exchange and giving up your identity. There is only a handful of ways to do this that I am aware of; Peer 2 Peer trading website > can be full of scams. In person > less chance of being scammed but you need to know/see the […]