How to host your own Counter Strike Global Offensive Server?

Run your own gaming server on Ubuntu 18.04 Using a Linode Server. [ Create a Linode and Account ] Create a Linode running Ubuntu 18.04. Create a Steam account if you do not have one, and download Counter Strike: Global Offensive to your computer. A Steam game server login token (GSLT) is required to host a public CS:GO server. Without […]

Converting Time Zones

Introduction Timestamps play an important role in forensic investigations to build timelines of events and report on the times that activity occurred. One may find timestamps when reviewing files from desktops, servers, embedded computers, and other computerised devices with storage. You can view timestamps using tools such as FTK Imager, file browsers, and command line […]

{macOS_commands} terminal commands for MacOS. a-z.

today we dive into the macOS terminal window  and discover the available commands we can run. so grab your coffee, sit down in the commanders seat, open that terminal window annnnnnnnddddddd……………type: { a } afconvert :// audio file convert afinfo :// audio file info afplay :// audio file play airport :// manage apple airport alias […]

{Nmap usage} how to scan networks & web applications

a self serving guide to nmap examples. / what is Nmap? Nmap is used to identify and scan systems on the network.  It is used as part of network diagnostics where it can map out the internal network by identifying live hosts and performing port scanning, service enumeration, and operating system detection. use cases: network […]

Top 4 ways to hack a Wi-Fi network

Learning about ways to pen-test Wi-Fi There is no one tool to rule them all when it comes to cracking a Wi-Fi network. It all depends on what the circumstance is at that current time, so choosing the right strategy is more likely to lead to success. This is some of the most effective strategies […]

How to secure your home Wi-Fi?

Basic guide to home Wi-Fi security The following items are considered the minimum settings required to achieve an acceptable level of security. All AP’s will provide a method of point to point encryption between the AP and the end user device such as PC or handheld device. The following table summarises the available types of […]