Converting Time Zones

Introduction Timestamps play an important role in forensic investigations to build timelines of events and report on the times that activity occurred. One may find timestamps when reviewing files from desktops, servers, embedded computers, and other computerised devices with storage. You can view timestamps using tools such as FTK Imager, file browsers, and command line […]

There’s a tool for that![A big list of Digital Forensic Tools]

Everything you’ll need for incident response. Digital Forensics and Incident Response (FIR) teams are groups of people in an organisation responsible for managing the response to a security incident, including gathering evidence of the incident, remediating its effects, and implementing controls to prevent the incident from recurring in the future. [ IR Tools Collection ] […]

Introduction to Digital Forensics

What is Digital Forensics? Credit to frankwxu The application of computer science and investigative procedures for a legal purpose involving the analysis of digital evidence after: Proper search authority Chain of custody (Evidence Transmittal Letter) Validation with mathematics (hash function) Use of validated tools Repeatability Reporting Possible expert presentation The application of science to identification,collection, […]

{macOS_commands} terminal commands for MacOS. a-z.

today we dive into the macOS terminal window ¬†and discover the available commands we can run. so grab your coffee, sit down in the commanders seat, open that terminal window annnnnnnnddddddd……………type: { a } afconvert :// audio file convert afinfo :// audio file info afplay :// audio file play airport :// manage apple airport alias […]

{how to plan} a guide to planning

“plans are worthless, but planning is everything” Dwight Eisenhower You have an idea, a goal so wicked it will make you a superstar overnight and you’ll have all the moneys! Or….your mate asked you to organise next weeks beer appreciation night. Either way in order to execute there has to be some planning involved, small […]