How to set up a Monero Wallet?

Getting started with Monero > XMR What are the benefits? Monero (XMR) is more private the other currencies such as Bitcoin and has very low transaction fees. It is also more widely used the some of the other privacy focused currencies which makes it a perfect choice to use for donation and trading etc. The […]

Buy Bitcoin anonymously

Safely get your hands on cryptocurrency without joining an exchange and giving up your identity. There is only a handful of ways to do this that I am aware of; Peer 2 Peer trading website > can be full of scams. In person > less chance of being scammed but you need to know/see the […]

Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Have your wallet and cash, just need Bitcoin? One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that you can do business in most exchanges around the world. Keep in mind that most of the popular exchanges require copies of your ID/Password to create an account. Something to keep in mind if you are privacy focused. There […]

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?

Getting started with Bitcoin. Been thinking about opening a Bitcoin wallet to start investing or receiving payments/donations? There is a lot of noise to filter out when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Here is a quick guide to get you started with Bitcoin. Wallet Choice; {Hardware} Hardware wallets are primarily used for […]